AI Bots

User-Defined Bots May Be Better Than AI Bots

“The robots are coming, whether we like it or not, and will change our economy in dramatic ways.” – Kristen Soltis Anderson


ChatBots are being utilized for executing repetitive tasks which do not require intervention. In most simple version, it is a piece of software which takes care of the basic work or in cases, it assists the human counterpart in solving the complex part. With the invention of the latest ground-breaking technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have taken the world by storm. These two mighty duos have empowered the bots to continuously learn and improvise as their human counterparts. In this context, we would discuss two versions of bots – User-defined bots and AI bots.




Market demand:

Most companies have or are in the process of implementing some kind bots in their service portfolio.  The most obvious one is the User-defined or the rule-based bots which are pre-programmed by the developers to perform a certain routine task based on the available set of questions and answer or in the more generic way the specific set of the database. They are qualified to book the ticket, fix the appointment and add pizza toppings. There is another updated modified version of the bot family which is studded by NLP and AI and it continuously thrives by learning from the ongoing interaction and the tasks assigned. It is a more complex version of the bot which is used for research and advanced purposes but as per the present dynamics, the user-defined bots are just fine and capable enough to do the job seamlessly.



AI bots are quite difficult to build as it requires the advanced level of code, algorithm, and machine learning program to continuously learn from the situations. On the other hand, User-defined bots are quite easy to build as the database would be pre-defined and pre-programmed and there is no need of further modification depending upon the situation or need for understanding the complex attributes. As it is still at the stage of infancy and no company wants to be left behind to catch the glimpse of innovation, they all are ready to invest with the simpler version first and look for the outcome and then decide for the further steps. In that case, comparatively, user-defined bots are quite ahead of the AI bots.



From the budgetary aspect, user-defined bots are quite cheap to build as it doesn’t need any fancy thing rather than being a simple and effective piece of software where AI bots require huge investments in AI and NLP and Machine Learning to build an effective AI bot. The game doesn’t stop there. It needs to be constantly evaluated and monitored as it depends on the situation based learning. The organization which has a budget constraint and not having any immediate requirement for advance level bots, it would be advisable for them to go for the User-defined bots.


Grammar or spelling related pitfalls:

AI bots can be quite intelligent compared to the user-defined bot but at the same time are quite prone misinterpreting due to spelling or grammatical mistakes. Text chat is the most popular medium and in this case, it takes longer time for the AI bots to learn the basic aspects of communication where User-defined bots don’t even have to bother as they are pre-programmed for a specific set of queries.


Comparing both the bots, it can definitely be said in some aspects, especially from business acumen, User-defined bots score high than its counterpart AI bots. But as the technology progresses, it will be easy for AI bots to learn and rectify the mistakes. It will not be wrong to say that AI bots are the future but for now, user-defined bots are a safer bet.