Manual Testing Services

No machine can beat the authenticity of manual testing even in this highly modernized age of automatization. Only manual software testing ensures whether automation is possible. If you are searching for high-end manual testing services, you may consider the premium services by Techtonic.

  • Adaptable: Our testing procedure is suitable for projects of any duration and size.
  • Affordable: Simply pay for testing just like any other service. No need to pay in case of project delays or ongoing staffing expenses.
  • Flexible: We offer a high level of flexibility towards testing your apps and web solutions.
  • Real-Time: Techtonic also offers professional testing on a real-time basis. This means you will get the results instantly, as and when you require them.
  • Expertise: We have a team of experienced professionals who have tested hundreds of applications to date.
  • Communication: We believe in maintaining a communication system during as well as after each project so as to maintain a lifelong and bilateral collaboration. 
  • Quality Assurance and Control: This step makes sure that your application is up to the mark and flawless.
  • 30-Minute Free Consultation: We discuss your requirements and let you have a glimpse into our world.

Premium Manual Testing Services We Offer

  • Functionality Testing: At Techtonic, we are capable of delivering highly functional web as well as mobile app solutions. We have years of experience in functional testing.
  • Design Testing: By evaluating each design component, we ensure that design issues like navigation, layout, responsiveness, etc., are spotted.
  • Usability Testing: We test the level of usability for your mobile and web app solutions. Users tend to switch to other apps if the usability level is poor.
  • Regression Testing: This test is conducted to ensure that any recent alteration has not impacted the performance or usability level of the app.
  • Content Testing: We make sure that your app does not look less appealing because of incorrect grammar, typos, non-conventional styles, etc.

Compatibility Testing: Our experts test an app on multiple devices before certifying it as compatible.

Our Development Process

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