Single Page Application

Improves performance and user experience

Fast Data Rendering

Uses virtual DOM for fast page rendering and updating changes in view


It is a popular library maintained by Facebook

React JS Development Company

Techtonic is the right choice when you are searching for a React JS Development Company in India. We have built highly scalable applications which are secure, fast and responsive. Our team has experience in building Web, chrome extensions, Jamstack apps and desktop applications using react.

Our experience helps in analyzing your requirements in detail and then we suggest a solution that fits your needs. Hence as a reputed React JS Development Company, we strongly believe that when you engage with us, your search for the right tech partner will cease.

ReactJS is an open-source library for building user interfaces. It helps in creating modern single page or SSR applications that consume APIs which is quite similar to the way mobile apps work. Within a short span of time, it has gained substantial popularity and has become an integral part of the web development stack. ReactJS is the first choice of many top-notch organizations across the world.  At Techtonic, we enable organizations in creating versatile and innovative web applications with ReactJS. We have created large and complex applications using React which has helped us understand the best practices. 

Working in this domain for 5 years, we can assure you of our extensive expertise and knowledge regarding ReactJS. Our capabilities include:

  • Customized ReactJS development: We provide end-to-end customized, scalable ReactJS solutions tailor-made for your unique needs & requirements.
  • Our extensive experience of building APIs, dashboards and public websites
  • We have experience of server-side rendering apps using next.js and websites using static file generators which are part of JAMSTACK.
  • We can help you migrate the view layer using React.
  • We can also help you maintain the React JS codebase and handle your server infrastructure.
  • Our Agile approach helps us deliver projects on time.

Looking to outsource Reactjs development project?

We work on a project basis or you can Hire React JS Developer from our team.

Our Development Process

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    Why should I use React JS for my project?
    React JS is a front end javascript framework by Facebook. If you are looking for a scalable, secure, and fast user experience, then React.js is a good choice. You can create websites, web applications and hybrid mobile apps with the help React. So potentially you can create a web application using and majority of code could be used for a hybrid mobile application.
    What are the modes of engagement for React JS development?
    There are three modes of engagement:

    1. Dedicated Resource: This works well in case of a large project and the developer needs to communicate closely with the other team members. Pricing will be according to the vintage and number of React JS developers required for a particular project. It is relatively better priced because of the longer engagement period. You can exit the arrangement with a one month notice period.

    2. Hourly Billing: The cost of app development is based on the number of hours. The developer submits daily timesheets so that it can be reviewed by you. Such an arrangement is suitable when the project is not large or complex and the development phases may be phased out. 

    3. Lumpsum: Based on the scope of work we can share an estimate for completing the project. Such an engagement model is useful when the development scope is well defined and there are multiple skill sets involved for executing it.

    If you are based out of Europe then our project manager from London, UK will be the project lead and India office will service the development needs.
    How much do you charge for developing apps using React?
    The price of the project depends on many factors like time, resources, complexity, requirement, development cycles, testing phases, human resources, etc. The pricing is not static hence we recommend you set up a free 30 minutes consultation call to discuss your application.
    Which development processes do you follow for a React JS development project?
    Our React JS development and all other projects use Agile methodologies. We have years of experience using Kanban, Scrum and XP practices. Our company follows an iterative and incremental software development backed by state-of-the-art engineering practices to deliver working software exceeding user expectations within the shortest time frame possible and providing best returns on investment.
    How long does it take to develop a React JS app?
    For any, React JS development company project requirements help in estimating the time required to develop an application. The time can be reduced when existing or similar components are used within the project. It is essential to consider all the customer requirements to develop a web or mobile application. We follow development sprints and can do rolling deployments every 2 weeks.
    What information should I have before our first call?
    It is necessary to have a complete idea about the project and its requirements. You have to describe your application in the way you desire along with compulsory and additional features. After going through the project details, it will be easy to suggest the cost, time, and technology required for the project.
    What are the benefits of outsourcing React JS Web App Development?
    Some of the key advantages of outsourcing React JS Web App development:

    • Better cost to value proposition
    • We adjust our working hours according to your timezone. Which means that the development and servicing team will be available for video calls during some portion of the day.
    • Access to experienced developers
    • Reduced shorter development cycles
    • Assured quality services
    • We structured and commented codebase
    • Flexible engagement model
    Do you provide maintenance and support for a React JS Application?
    Maintenance is a very important aspect and we do our best to offer services which are aligned with your business objectives. We can adapt to any toolset that you use for communication or bug reporting.