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Node JS Development Company

Node.js (Node) is an open-source server environment for executing JavaScript code on the server-side and its popularity is proven by the fact that it has more than 72000 stacks on stackshare.

Node is lightweight and useful for applications that need real-time communication or high IO with less computation. Node.js runs on chrome’s V8 engine and it follows an event driven, non-blocking I/O model. It fits very well in the modern tech stack because:

  • It uses Javascript and is an important component of MEAN and MERN stacks.
  • Since it is lightweight, it is suitable for an autoscaling Kubernetes cluster.
  • Also can be used in a serverless architecture with a service like AWS Lambda.
  • Useful for an API driven application and it can utilize the power of GraphQL.

As an experienced Node JS development company we add a lot of value to your development process. When you are developing projects, one needs to make informed choices and compromises which require enough experience and skill. 

Our development pattern helps in keeping the application fast and scalable. We can develop using monolithic or serverless architecture.

Our services include custom development, node js migration, CMS development, and node js support and maintenance. 

Some of the other advantages of using Node Js are:

  1. The Fast Suite

Organizations are amazed by the performance improvement and cost savings. It really shines in workloads where the application needs to service thousands of requests by fetching data from the database. One needs to keep in mind that it is not the fastest for certain workloads but that is where our experience comes in.

  1. Data Streaming

If you have a news website and you need to update the latest news without the user reloading the page then Node can be useful for such a requirement. Similarly, if you want charts of share or commodity prices to be updated in realtime then you can simply use the stream module of Node.js.

  1. Cost Savings

Since the frontend and backend use the same language and node is lightweight, your organization will save money on resources and hosting hardware. After deployment, it will be easier to maintain because potentially one resource can look after the frontend and backend code.

  1. Realtime Web Applications

Node also provides more flexibility at a later stage because it supports sockets for realtime communication. If you were to use PHP for a web application and later on realized that the client wants to implement a chat system then you would have to use 3rd party solutions like Firebase or Pusher. Node js natively supports realtime communication and we have built a chat system and multiplayer mathematical game server using node.

  1. Database Support

A large application can use more than a single database and Node.js supports different types of databases like SQL, NoSQL or graph based. We have experience of pairing applications with MongoDB, MySQL and Cassandra. 

  1. Simplicity of Coding

Node.js enables engineers to write JavaScript for both the server and frontend. This helps in saving costs during development and maintenance. Also, JSON becomes the common currency and there is no need to convert data into a different format which makes the exchange of data faster.

Looking to outsource Node JS development project?

We work on a project basis or you can Hire Node JS Developer from our team.

We are one of the premiere Node JS development company, having its offices in Delhi, Gurgaon, India | London, UK.

Our Development Process

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    Should I use Node.js?
    Node.js is a preferred framework for building servers required to handle thousands of connections, applications demanding intensive data exchange (video and text chat, real-time tracking applications), single page and responsive mobile apps where complete page refreshes would lead to a bad user experience and building fast prototypes. If you wish to know whether Node.js is the right platform for your company or not, consult with us. We would love to analyze your business requirements and help you with our Node.js consulting and development services.
    What are the modes of engagement for Node JS development?
    There are three modes of engagement:

    1. Dedicated Resource: This works well in case of a large project and the developer needs to communicate closely with the other team members. Pricing will be according to the vintage and number of Node JS developers required for a particular project. It is relatively better priced because of the longer engagement period. You can exit the arrangement with a one month notice period.

    2. Hourly Billing: The cost of app development is based on the number of hours. The developer submits daily timesheets so that it can be reviewed by you. Such an arrangement is suitable when the project is not large or complex and the development phases may be phased out.

    3. Lumpsum: Based on the scope of work we can share an estimate for completing the project. Such an engagement model is useful when the development scope is well defined and there are multiple skill sets involved for executing it.

    If you are based out of Europe then our project manager from London, UK will be the project lead and India office will service the development needs.
    How much do you charge for developing applications using Node?
    The price of the project depends on many factors like time, resources, complexity, requirement, development cycles, testing phases, human resources, etc. The pricing is not static hence we recommend you set up a free 30 minutes consultation call to discuss your application.
    Which development processes do you follow for a Node.js development project?
    Our Node.js development and all other projects use Agile methodologies. We have years of experience using Kanban, Scrum and XP practices. Our company follows an iterative and incremental software development backed by state-of-the-art engineering practices to deliver working software exceeding user expectations within the shortest time frame possible and providing best returns on investment.
    How much time will it take for you to develop my app or software?
    For any, Node JS development company project requirements help in estimating the time required to develop an application. The time can be reduced when existing or similar components are used within the project. It is essential to consider all the customer requirements to develop a web or mobile application. We follow development sprints and can do rolling deployments every 2 weeks.
    What information should I have before our first call?
    It is necessary to have a complete idea about the project and its requirements. You have to describe your application in the way you desire along with compulsory and additional features. After going through the project details, it will be easy to suggest the cost, time, and technology required for the project.
    Do you provide maintenance and support after developing a Node App?
    Maintenance is a very important aspect and we do our best to offer services which are aligned with your business objectives. We can adapt to any toolset that you use for communication or bug reporting.
    What are the benefits of outsourcing Node JS Web App Development?
    Here are some of the key benefits of outsourcing your Node JS Web App development in the country like India:

    • Low development and operational cost

    • Flexible to work according to your time-zone

    • Access to experienced developers

    • Reduced development times

    • Assured quality services

    • State-of-the-art technology

    • Better understanding of different platforms