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Single Page Application And The Modern Web

In today’s fast-paced world, developers and designers are always in search of methods of offering superior quality of user experience. Web application and website response speed greatly impact the overall user experience. Hence, single page applications are becoming popular because they are efficient in their view updates and also can help in reducing the number of server queries.



SPAs work in the browser and does not send the assets which are not required by the user. It only updates the web page by removing components which are not required and inserting the ones which have been requested. This reduces the network transfers, server CPU load, and time to render a view.


Responsive and Quick

Since these applications don’t require the whole page to be updated, they in turn help in enhancing the website’s speed. The code which user writes in HTML, CSS and Javascript/typescript get loaded once in the lifespan of the application. So, the page takes only few milliseconds to load after the first load.




Caching is a strong point for single page applications. When a SPA sends a request to a server and it can store received data in the browser cache. So, the user can potentially work offline if a particular page has been visited earlier(in case there is no additional asset required). And if by chance the user loses connectivity during a session, then local data can again get synchronized once he/she comes back online.



User Experience

The developer can use page transitions, lazy loading, network notifications etc to improve the overall experience. With a single page application, you can also create a PWA which is even more efficient because it can use service workers to execute certain items in the background.



Easier Debugging

Libraries like React or frameworks like angular have their own debugging tools which makes it easier to debug your application. In addition to this, the single page applications help in monitoring network operations, inspect page elements and data associated with it.


SEO Optimization

Gone are the days when SEO optimization was considered as a challenge. The developers can now handle SPA SEO and google can crawl these websites for indexing.  Also, since page load speed is an important metric, you can use a static file generator like gatsby or next.js and have a blazing fast website.



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