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Is Jamstack Right for Your Ecommerce Business?

Imagine a scenario where you offer software solutions to businesses and like you, there are several other companies who do the same. Now to emerge as the finest, you need to find a path that would mark you as best from the rest.


To do that you would need to eliminate problems like slow page speed, bad user experience, high maintenance cost, and less organic traffic. This is where Jamstack comes into the picture and solves all your disputes.


The main goals of Jamstack?


If you notice the first three letters of the word Jamstack, you would get “JAM” where J stands for JavaScript, and A stands for API and M stands for markup.  JavaScript handles dynamic programming; the API is used to replace the database and fetch everything you need directly.


Thus the main goal of Jamstack is to load website pages faster. With the help of this architecture, developers could build a more secure and faster modern web. As an experienced Jamstack development company we suggest that you use Jamstack for software and SaaS, web landings that need to be customized, and even for e-commerce stores.


Why Jamstack emergences to be an e-commerce favourite


Most of the e-commerce companies are now migrating to Jamstack because of some very strong reasons. Let’s know each of them so that we can convince you to do the same.


  • Number one on our list has to be page speed. You might have noticed that a user finds it very frustrating when the page doesn’t load. Remember that each user is a potential client. So when you use Jamstack, you will be surprised to see how fast a page loads. Never again do you have to lose a client due to indigent web performance.
  • Google has always preferred pages that are light, fast, and easy to scan. Jamstack offers just that. Jamstack makes your website page static, so that means improved ranking on Google and more organic traffic.
  • Certain websites give an excellent user experience on mobile but not on the desktop or vice versa. As Jamstack is an omnichannel you would never find such issues. It works great both on mobile or computer.
  • Developers always want a platform where they could have the flexibility to create a front end according to their convenience. With Jamstack this freedom is possible. This will provide a rich user experience.
  • As we know, change is the only constant. It’s only a matter of time that Jamstack will be used all over the e-commerce industry. So if you don’t want to stay outdated and want to call yourself future proof, it’s time you navigate to Jamstack.
  • The most hurtful moment for any organization is when they suffer a cyber attack. As a Jamstack development company, we don’t want you to come across such a scenario. Hence we suggest Jamstack for your cybersecurity needs. Jamstack bears no connection with sensitive information like user data and database of the company and hence you would always be saved from cybercriminals.


Limitations of Jamstack


Huge online stores: Using a Jamstack can be an issue when talking of stores with thousands of products. When the Jamstack approach is used, you have to rebuild thousands of website pages even though change is required only once. 


Now, this is not an issue that can’t be solved at all. As software developers recommend a feature known as incremental builds. Incremental builds will let you rebuild those pages that need change. The feature is already in action with Next.js and Gatsby cloud. So if you are a large online store and thinking of Jamstack migration, we suggest that you go for it.


Static website issue: Since Jamstack is a static website, most people believe that it would not be apt for e-commerce stores as it won’t be able to handle product recommendations, payments, and product searches. In reality, this is not true.


As an experienced Jamstack Development Company, we believe that this issue can be solved with the help of third-party tools. The developers can use the features of API to create an e-commerce store on a static website.




We have successfully discussed all the points why Jamstack is the need of the hour. With the distinctive workflow, better speed, and security, Jamstack becomes the one-stop solution for your e-commerce needs. If you want to know more about our Jamstack development services, get connected to us right away.

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