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Is Flutter The Right Solution For Mobile App Development?

Flutter is an open source application development framework which was developed by Google.  It permits the creation of top-notch mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms. It is based on Dart which is Google’s own programming language. 


Various industry giants like Alibaba, Tencent and Dream 11 are using applications developed on Flutter to serve their customers with a world-class experience. Within a short span, the popularity of Flutter has outgrown other Cross-Platform app development frameworks like React Native and Xamarin. 

Why Should the Startups Choose Flutter?

Here are a few reasons as to why Flutter development is the best technology for developing applications for your startup:


  • Shorter Development Timeframe
    Flutter is a cross platform app development framework which means that the applications developed on this framework can be built and launched on both Android and iOS platforms. It facilitates greater exposure to your app and helps you to easily build a larger user base. Also, with Flutter the developers can take “code once” approach to provide an amazing native experience. 
  • Scalable & Optimised
    The primary aim behind development of any application is to attract more users so that it can scale to an investable level. It is a promising stack and if combined with an efficient serverless backend then it can potentially handle millions of users. Flutter development provides extensive control over every pixel present on the screen, and it has the capability to create widgets, do animation and gestures, etc. 
  • Boost the Productivity Levels
    Flutter features a hot reload or a stateful reload option which means that if any error occurs during the development of the applications, the developers can easily fix it right away. You need not recompile the code after removing the errors. This feature has greatly helped the developers to fix bugs and has boosted their productivity levels. It provides a more wholesome development experience when compared to other technologies like React Native.

Final Words:

Flutter simplifies the app development process without compromising on the design and the performance of the application. It provides native-like experience which makes it suitable for startups and established products. We have experience of successfully delivering 3 flutter applications and 2 more are already under development phase. If you want more information then you can click on the following link: Flutter App Development Company.

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