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How to Auto Test Your Flutter Apps Using Artificial Intelligence?

It is no secret, but rather very evident today, the number of mobile development apps has been increasing, and there is undoubtedly no stopping anytime soon. With the smartphone industry’s advancement, there are a more significant number of apps coming each day. It has become essential for every business to own an app that will help them survive in the competitive world. With the emergence of smartphones, it has become super easy for users to operate their entire life through the apps. It could be gaming apps, health care support, food ordering, OTT platforms, news, English reading, etc. There are many apps available today, and the demand for apps has been just on the rise. 


These cross-platform mobile app development frameworks, such as React Native, Ionic, NativeScript, etc., have allowed the companies to build Android and iOS apps, with the help of a single source code and programming language. In this race, another name ‘Flutter’ is emerging as a tremendous cross-platform mobile app development framework. Various reasons why Flutter has been the prominent choice is due to the support, overall performance, and the ease of using this framework, and not to forget, Google backing it up acts like the icing on the cake.


Flutter is a multi-platform, open-source mobile SDK used to build Android and iOS apps with a single source code. Although Flutter has been in the business for a while now, it is recently that people are connecting with a renowned Flutter App Development Company, since Google has released its first stable. The apps that have been built by the best Flutter app development companyare similar-looking to the native apps. Hence, this is why many of the big names, such as Groupon, Alibaba, etc., have started to use it. Also, there are multiple ways of testing an app.


A Brief Information About the Flutter Apps


Flutter app development experts state that the Flutter app is a cross-platform tool used to create Android and iOS applications from a single code base, using a modern and reactive framework. It uses the dart programming language to develop cross-platform applications.


Testing of the Flutter App


Flutter has some marvelous testing features that help in testing the app while it gets developed. The developer can test the Flutter apps at every stage right at the unit, widget, or integration level. To keep up with the pace of unit tests, this feature helps in faster UI tests. The UI tests in Flutter are known as Integration tests that run on both real devices and simulators. The documentation of the Flutter on the testing brief covers various types of testing layers in detail. 


Flutter provides three significant testing layers:


Unit Testing: The Flutter unit testing covers just a single unit or the method that works very well, with multiple conditions or parameters. The packaged Flutter test is needed to run the unit test for the Flutter app.


Widget Testing: One can launch the widget as part of the test and then perform the widget’s real users’ actions. This widget test is as fast as the unit test, but the only difference is that it involves the user interface.


Integration Testing: An integration test tests a complete app or a large part of an app. An integration test aims to verify that all the widgets and services being tested work together as expected. Furthermore, you can use integration tests to verify your app’s performance.


Artificial Intelligence Used in Flutter Apps Testing


Technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence have begun in software testing. The AI Testbot is used to perform the quick health check-up and sanity checks of the mobile apps.


Flutter App Used for AI Testbot


There is a need to build an APK or IPA file for iOS and Android apps to prepare the Flutter apps for the AI test bots.


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Hence, to sum up, all the information that is given above, the developers can easily test the Flutter app without having to create an entire set up for testing that could end up taking extra time and effort. All that the developers can do is use the AI-powered testing feature and test the apps thoroughly. Usage of the AL/ML technique on the Flutter app can boost the overall performance of the existence and working of the app. Flutter developers can have access to building solid test suits with the help of Flutter testing features. The AI Testbot helps in the codeless testing of all the Flutter apps.

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