Hire Dedicated .NET Developers

Hire .NET developers from Techtonic and accelerate your business exponentially. Equipped with years of rich .NET experience, our team has the appropriate skill set to provide suitable software solutions according to the clients’ requirements. Our engineering team has expertise in resolving real-world problems by utilizing their experience in .NET development. .NET is one of the few open-sourced frameworks that has maturity and stability on its side.

What Makes Our Developers Stand Out in the Crowd?

  • Quality Experience
  • Secure Development
  • A mix of young and experienced developers
  • Flexible Hiring Model

Flexible Hiring Models For Hiring .NET Developers

TECHTONIC focuses on client requirements and therefore provides flexible and budget-friendly hiring models for your software development projects. You have to contact us and get a quote based on our hiring models.

  • Full Time

This is best suited for long and on-going projects which allows the clients to pay a fixed price and hire the best resources on a full-time basis. The clients can discuss the requirements specification, evaluate, and then finalize the team.

  • Part Time

If your development project needs to be completed quickly, then don’t worry, you can easily hire .NET developers on a part-time basis. In this model, you don’t have to complete a prolonged hiring process and high hourly prices. The developers will complete the task efficiently on a part-time basis.

  • Hourly Based

This is ideal for .NET projects which are flexible and change frequently. You will get the right resources for your on-demand needs and can create phenomenal web and mobile apps and intensive enterprise applications.

Why Techtonic is a Good Choice Hire Developers?

We help all types of enterprises to make use of the power of Microsoft. Our team of engineers has years of domain experience to deliver a well-suited solution. Optimizing your business by hiring the best talent from us will be completely hassle-free for you.

  • Our team commits to delivering amazing and quality work as per your business goals.
  • We always give our clients priority and walk the extra mile in satisfying their business project requirements.
  • Our tech support team can take care of project maintenance requirements.
  • We also have additional resources in the pool in case the dedicated resource is not available due to any reason.

We see ourselves as an important cog in the wheel and do share our input on what is the best approach for developing and maintaining your application.

Our Development Process

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