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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Bun.js

If you are a backend developer then you should certainly follow this project.

The official website defines Bun.js as “…a new JavaScript runtime with a native bundler, transpiler, task runner, and npm client built-in”. It promises to be much faster than Node.js or even Deno.

As a developer, one might have encountered one or multiple Javascript bundlers during projects such as Rollup or Webpack but Bun.js is a bit different. This post in the following sections aims to let the reader learn all they would need to get up to speed on Bun.js.

It is also capable of working as –

  • A JS transpiler
  • A JS runtime environment
  • A task runner and more! 

Other appealing aspects of Bun.js

We are one of the few Bun.js development companies in India that chose to adopt this new technology from the get-go. According to our lead Bun.js developer who used the tool recently for a project, the tool entails the following unique aspects – 

  • The primary appeal factor of Bun.js among developers is that it supports libraries from pre-existing NPM ecosystems. It will also work with whatever lines of code the developer has written. The tool won’t even ask the developer to change their package.json!

  • Compared to Node.js, it has much better API performance.

  • Bun.js is a new bundling tool but it doesn’t mean that a developer would need to spend a considerable amount of time learning the tool in order to use it properly. In simple terms, Bun.js is a bundler that works in a manner that is well-known among developers worldwide. The trick is that the tool can accomplish tasks assigned to it faster than its rivals. 

  • Developers do not need to use every available function of the tool for a project. They can choose to work with the available features of the tool selectively. For example, if a developer is struggling with the package manager of the bundling tool they often use, they can switch to the package manager feature of Bun.js. 

  • Bun.js is also a capable task runner. Task runners are being used by developers whenever they need to run a script in their package.json file. Back in the day, developers had to use commands like ‘npm run clean’ or ‘yarn clean’. Now, with the advent of Bun,js, developers can use the tool to run a script using the same aforementioned commands. The upside is that the script(s) will run much faster thanks to the way Bun.js has been designed.

  • Bun.js supports TypeScript. Typescript is a programming language that is often preferred by web developers. The best part is that Bun.js does not need additional configuration to transpile TypeScript files to JavaScript!

So is it the tool that developers around the world were waiting for?

To be honest, Bun.js is still in its early years of development. But since the tool is open-source in nature, it is being honed to perfection at a rapid pace. 

The tool, in its current state, can be used without hiccups in the development phases of projects. However, veteran developers advise against the usage of the tool in production settings. 


We are all about incorporating the latest technologies into our projects. Hence, we are one of the few early adopters of Bun.js in India. If you are interested in using Bun.js for your next project then contact our Bun.js project consultants by calling +91 9910409680 or by sending an email to ankur@wearetechtonic.com.

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