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A tech company with expertise in Gaming & Payment solutions with its R&D centers located in the world’s most famous IT hubs. Founded in 2007, it is a part of the industry leaders in Lottery & Gaming operations. They have been frequently participating in real-world exhibitions all over the world. Unfortunately, just like many others, the global pandemic caught them off-guard and while it created a lot of challenges it also brought a wave of opportunities for the ones willing to adapt. Nothing can stop brands that are driven by passion. With the same enthusiasm, team Techtonic attempted to create a virtual experience for the client. We went a step further to create a virtual environment for the client which allows their attendees to take a 360-degree tour of the exhibition, using a keyboard & a mouse. Attendees can also watch videos by simply clicking on them.


All Ideas grow out of other ideas, hence the more we share the more we have. This is exactly the goal of an exhibition, to create a platform for communities, to collaborate & to exchange ideas with each other. The world is changing, and today with technology we are gradually moving towards a better future with enhanced experiences & endless possibilities. Today, virtual meetings, webinars, and exhibitions are a common activity in any working professional’s daily life. A Virtual Exhibition is a multi-dimensional set of information objects, created to showcase products and services with a real-life experience without being physically present. Also known as Online Exhibition, Online Gallery, Cyber Exhibition, it is a cost-effective solution with which we work without any limitations related to time, distance, or space.


Just like physical exhibitions, one needs to take special measures of the kind of experience the viewer will have during the visit. About how a visitor will engage, discover, learn & contribute to the exhibition. Virtual events are the 2nd largest influencers for decision-makers while evaluating new technologies. Let’s explore the possibilities a host has with the virtual exhibition experience we created for them:


A high number of participants: Virtual events witness a lot of signups as people can attend it from anywhere, anytime. Most of these attendees are also potential leads who are looking for the right solutions that would fit their requirements.


24/7 Availability: Unlike a physical exhibition that will have a preset time & venue for a limited period, users can visit a virtual exhibition anytime, from anywhere, even from the comfort of their homes.


Beat the budgets: Exhibitors can save big on expenses such as renting out space, transportation, promotional materials, and other similar costs related to physical exhibitions. These savings can be spent on more important activities, which will create more value for the exhibition.


Data: Virtual events also help organizations in collecting useful user information which was not at all possible during physical exhibitions. Hosts can track every move a user makes. It also provides information such as:


  • their contact information for future events,
  • recording & studying user behaviour,
  • measuring the number of attendees,
  • user demographics,
  • the interest & relevance of the event over the years, and many more.


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