Flutter Vs Swift-Which is Best for iOS App Development

Flutter Vs Swift- Which is Best for iOS App Development

The advent of the internet changed the global corporate world for the better. These days, without an internet presence, even the most successful brands cannot compete with the underdogs.

CTOs of established brands and startups spend a considerable amount of their resources to ensure that their brand has a strong web presence. Investing in developing intricately designed, yet easy-to-use websites are just one chapter of the story.

The most result-oriented decision is to ensure that a brand has its own, custom mobile app, especially on iOS apps depending on brand’s requirements. 

Why iOS? Aren’t the majority of global users using Android phones?

It is a fact that not all brands need an iOS app but for those who do, we are breaking it down as to why Flutter is the most appropriate technology. Well, the reasons for focussing on iOS app development before creating apps for other platforms are many:-

  • The return on investment factor for iOS apps is more compared to Android apps and
  • It is pretty easy to develop iOS apps due to low device fragmentation.
  • Convenience to the customers of a business/organisation.

Why invest in developing mobile apps?

A website or an e-store can only do so much. With the help of mobile apps, CTOs can make sure that their customers can access information about the brand in no time. Furthermore, mobile apps also allow customers to stay updated about their favourite brand by keeping tabs on offers.

In a nutshell, mobile apps allow CTOs to expand their brand in a short time and that too without spending boatloads of money.

Other benefits of investing in mobile app development are – 

  • Efficient lead generation and conversion
  • Building and strengthening customer relationships
  • Increasing customer loyalty, etc.

What are the top two iOS app development frameworks preferred by developers?

The top iOS app development platforms are Flutter and Swift.

Flutter is a cross-platform app development framework that promotes developers to use the same source code for both iOS and Android apps. It is a free and open-source app development framework. It is based on Dart – which itself is an object-oriented programming language. Flutter is the brainchild of the people running Google and it was introduced to the masses back in 2017.

Swift, on the other hand, is the brainchild of Apple Inc. It is a successor to Objective-C.

Which one is better for iOS app development – Flutter or Swift?

Flutter is best for iOS app development. Here are a few reasons why Flutter is preferred by iOS app developers over Swift – 

1. It is a productive development framework

iOS app development using Flutter as the development framework allows developers to remain productive by simplifying the development process. It is no wonder that apart from ISVs and startups, established businesses are also adopting Flutter for their iOS app development projects.

2. Flutter is an open-source development platform

iOS app development projects carried out using the Flutter framework allows app developers to make the best use of collaborative efforts. Unlike Swift, Flutter is open-source. This means that if your project demands global collaboration and room for future enhancements then Flutter is the better option, over Swift.

3. The development process is faster with Flutter

Flutter allows app developers to build one code base that, in turn, allows the app development team to save time and resources. At the same time, the hot reload feature of Flutter is a valuable tool that ensures managing the alterations in the source code of the app remains a seamless process. Furthermore, the hot reload feature also promotes quick patching of bugs and seamless testing.

4. Flutter framework allows developers to develop impressive-looking apps

Flutter mobile app development is preferred by developers and CTOs alike as the Flutter framework allows app developers to create impressive-looking apps. Flutter framework offers app developers a plethora of widgets that allow developers to implement interactive structural and visual elements in an app.

5. The cost of developing the app goes down with Flutter

According to the expert opinion of the lead iOS developer associated with a reputed Flutter app development company, as already mentioned, Flutter allows developers to create cross-platform apps. Hence, when one wants to keep app development costs under check, choosing Flutter over Swift is a winning move.


Flutter is obviously the best development framework for iOS app development. It is evident by now. To learn more, feel free to contact us by calling +91 9910409680 or by sending an email at ankur@wearetechtonic.com.

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